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5 Quick Checks if Product Sale Dropped on Amazon

When you see there’s a drop in sales of some specific product then do 5 quick checks mentioned below. It can help you find out the reason why the product performance is low.

1. Buy Box -

Check if the product has a buy box or not. Sometimes product loses buy box and there could be multiple reasons are that. Some of which are mentioned below -

  1. Product in on MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network or FBM - Fulfilled by Merchant). It means your product is not on FBA.

  2. Due to pricing errors. For this, you need to go to manage inventory on seller central and check the minimum and maximum price.

  3. When a product is out of stock

  4. Buy Box is with a different seller - This means some other seller has mapped your product. To get the buy box back, you need to raise the ticket on seller support.

Learn more about Buy Box

2. Noding -

Check product noding. Sometimes Amazon automatically changes the noding and if your noding is incorrect then that product won’t be visible on relevant keywords.

3. Reviews -

When did you check the reviews on the product last time. We all know that Amazon is a reviews-driven platform and customers read reviews before buying the product. So if that product has got negative reviews recently then it could be the possible reason for the drop in sales.

4. Keyword Visibility -

How many times did you check visibility for your product during the day. Amazon Ads is so dynamic that you can lose an ad spot in a second. So check if your product is visible on all relevant keywords or not.

5. Competitor Pricing -

It could be possible your competitor is playing with the pricing or running a deal and now selling the same product at a lower price than you. If customers see the same product at a low price and that product also has ratings similar to yours then the customer will buy the competitor's product.


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