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What is Amazon Buy Box? Buy Box Issues & its Impact on Sales

Topics Covered -

1. What is Buy Box?

2. Why do sellers lose Buy Box?

3. How does Buy Box impact sales?

4. How to make sure you always have Buy Box on your products?

1. What is Buy Box?

Buy Box is the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers add products to the cart ‘Add to Cart’ option.

In the above image, you can see that it shows ‘Sold by Cloudtail India’, which means the buy box is with Cloudtail India as a seller. Sometimes sellers lose the buy box, which means either you don’t see the ‘Add to Cart’ option or you can see the ‘Add to cart’ Option but a different seller.

2. Reasons why sellers lose Buy Box

a) Add to Cart Option is not visible - There could be multiple reasons for this. Some of those are mentioned below.

  1. Product is on MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network or FBM - Fulfilled by Merchant). It means your product is not on FBA.

  2. Due to pricing errors. For this, you need to go to 'manage inventory' on seller central and check the minimum and maximum price.

  3. When a product is out of stock

b) Buy Box is with a different seller - This means some other seller has mapped your product. To get the buy box back, you need to raise the ticket on seller support.

3. How does Buy Box impact sales?

If buyers are coming on the product detail page and they don’t see an option to add products, it means you have lost that customer, hence no sales. So not having a buy box means a drop in sales.

4. How to make sure you always have a Buy Box on your products?

  1. Stock inventory on FBA. Sometimes when products are on MFN, you can’t see the Buy Box.

  2. Products should have a Prime Badge. Even if your products are not on FBA, they should have a Prime badge through other programs like Seller Flex or Local Shops.

  3. Enroll in Brand Registry so that other sellers can’t map your products. And even if they do then you can raise a ticket and get them removed.

  4. Keep a check on product pricing.

  5. Don’t let your products go out of stock.


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