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3 Last Minute Tips to Get More Sales on Amazon During the Summer Sale

How can you get 2x growth in sales on Amazon during the Summer Sale Event if

- you are not running deals

- you have a low ad budget and

- you can’t afford high acos like some of the big brands

We all know that the Amazon summer sale is going live on May 4th. It’s just a day away.

Below I’m going to give you 3 last-minute tips that can help you get more sales during the event.

1. If your deals are not running, then give a flat discount and activate coupons on all products.

For eg., if you want to give a total discount of 20% then you can give a flat discount of 15% and run coupons for 5%.

Coupons will help you get visibility and also attract customers.

2. Did you get daily ad spend recommendations from Amazon Ads managers?

Is it almost 2x of your BAU daily ad budget?

If yes, then just don’t double your budget at once. If you are a small brand and can’t afford high acos then cap your daily ad spend and decide the target acos.

This is how you should go -

- Increase the budget by 25 to 30%. Keep track on spends & acos and see what all campaigns are performing and then further increase budgets on those specific campaigns.

- Don’t increase budgets in poor-performing campaigns even if they go out of budget.

3. Look at the search term report for the last 3 months and see all the keywords on which you got sales at low acos.

During the sale event, make sure to get visibility on those keywords if not in the top search, at least your products should be visible on the first page of search results.


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