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Sponsored Display Ads - Amazon is testing new ad placements

Are you running all types of ads on Amazon – Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, Video Ads & Sponsored Display?

If Yes, Great!

If No, then start them right now.

There was a time when running sponsored product ads was enough to sell products on Amazon.

Earlier even if sellers couldn’t afford bids to show their products in the top search of the search listing page, they could manage to ad spots on the product listing pages (PDPs).

Currently, Amazon is testing different types of ads on PDPs.

Sometime back there were used to be only sponsored product ads below the bullet points on PDPs (check image 1).

Image 1

But now Amazon also started showing Sponsored Display Ads on the same spot that is below bullet points (check image 2). Whereas earlier Sponsored Display Ads were used to be only on the right hand side on the PDP (check image 3).

Image 2

Image 3

So if you are not running Sponsored Display Ads, then start them now.

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