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How to get 10x growth on Amazon for new launch products

Before working towards 10x growth, I believe you have already done the basic stuff - like your content is optimized, your listing has all the important category and product-specific keywords.

1. Show Your Newly Launched Products To Existing Customers

It's easy to sell to the existing customers (people who have bought your products earlier and are happy with the brand) than to acquire new customers. So if you show your products to the existing customers then the probability of them buying that product is extremely high.

You can show the new products to your Amazon customers in 2 ways:

First, advertise new products on top search brand keywords. This means when customers will search for products with your brand name, they will also see your new products. If you don't know what are your top search brand keywords then check the search term report for the last 3 months.

Second, run sponsor display remarketing ads. This is the new ad type that Amazon has just launched. Run display ad, write a catchy headline and target it remarketing lookback 30 days.

2. Target New Launch Products on Your Top-selling Products

Amazon is a review-driven platform, first people check reviews, and then they buy products. When shoppers will see a top seller with more reviews and a new product with fewer reviews on the same page then they will have an idea that people love your products and they can trust your brand even for products with fewer reviews.

3. Get More Reviews

As I already said, Amazon is a review-driven platform so get reviews. Initially, you can ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to buy new products and post a review.

4. Run Ads & Acos will be High for the First 2-3 Months

Run sponsored Product ads on top category keywords, product-specific keywords, competitor brand keywords.

Start product targeting campaigns targeting competitor products.

Run sponsored brand ads with a catchy caption.

And last run video ads. On video ads, you will get low acos as compared to all other ad types. Also, while making an ad video, think about how can you show your product is different from your competitors.

5. Run Deals & Coupons

I have seen that some brands resist giving discount deals on newly launched products but we all know Amazon shoppers love deals.

Even Amazon pushes products on which deals are active. You don't have to run deals 30 days a month, even 7 to 10 days will help push sales.


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